Understanding Human Beings

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We would all like to be better human beings.  We have always asked ourselves who we are and what we are doing here. Today, we have the knowledge of centuries of learning. Humanology structures and organizes all that knowledge to offer us a simple, easy and practical way to use it.

This discipline helps us approach and solve complex life situations from a deeper knowledge of ourselves with the help of a wide array of practical tools. It offers us clarity, understanding and a clear path in our progress.​

Humanology is the new discipline that works WITH and FOR human beings in an INTEGRAL way. All other disciplines focus on one aspect of the human being like the mind (psychology) or society (sociology.) Humanology explains that human beings need to be approached as whole entities, given that all aspects have an impact on all others.  By working on human beings in the traditional, fragmented way, mistakes and limitations are encountered.

Furthermore, humanology combines theoretical, scientific and academic knowledge with  PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. It uses and applies the knowledge from other disciplines together with the MATERIALS, DISCOVERIES and PRACTICAL TOOLS of this new science. It offers PERSONALIZED approaches to complex life situations. We are all different, which is why humanology rejects general one-fits-all solutions for everybody.

Humanology is an updated, modern, advanced discipline that organizes current knowledge within a practical framework that makes it easier for us to approach human beings in a deep, meaningful way. It is the path to a more human humanity.

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Every month, on the 15th, the International Institute of Humanology publishes the only magazine on humanology in the world. Featuring articles, interviews and a lot of entertainment and information, this publication offers you over 50 pages of reading and watching material to enjoy each month.


SOMETIMES WORDS FAIL US. At other times, we sound not at all the way we wanted to. Occasionally, we get stuck and fear the exchange in front of us. As lawyers and human beings in general, the art of speaking is a fundamental tool that can set you apart or make you fail. Which one will it be? 

Are you ready to discover your voice and make the best use of it? Are you willing to explore your blocks and limitations and overcome them by applying the knowledge of who you are and what strengths you possess? Will you challenge your fears and conquer them in such a way that they become springboards from which to soar?

Creating Fairer Societies for Future Generations

FACES OF CHANGE and ImpactLeaders international have thes mission to create an Economy of Peace. We will be sharing Stories of Hope by these incredible speakers who are working day and night to defend human rights in their countries of origin and serving their communities to create an infrastructure which is just and fair. Join us for this international encounter: CREATING FAIRER SOCIETIES FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS The outcome of the event will be an action plan for the coming year.

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