Simple and practical approach to the human being


Better human beings

Humanology approaches humans as integral beings, given that the whole entity is involved in each solution.

This discipline is based on a model of the human being that encompasses four different elements. It allows us to start progressing in the two first and most important steps in our development and in the resolution of life’s situations: to KNOW and UNDERSTAND ourselves. Those four elements are:

  • Personal Essence: The deepest and unchangeable nature of each human being. It affects everything the person is and does throughout their life.
  • Beliefs: the root of every decision. They are created, questioned and change throughout life.
  • Worldview: Filtered through their beliefs and experiences, human beings  perceive their reality and react to it in a unique, personal way.
  • Personal Sphere: treasures everything that makes human beings be the way they each are. It includes all other 3 elements, plus all intangible assets in a person.

Without these two first steps, nothing really makes sense, as we advance blindly. Thus, humanology works on the COMBINED elements of the human being at all levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. For an intervention to be effective, it needs to be carried out at the four levels and adapted to what the person stores in their Personal Sphere. 

Humanologists are trained in the following four key fields that include theoretical and practical knowledge from this and other disciplines as well as life experience:

  • Optimism Coaching: no progress can be made without some basic energy.
  • Personal Development: knowing and understanding ourselves so action can be taken.
  • Human relations: interacting with others and with myself.
  • Human development: interacting with the world and having the necessary skills and abilities to do it right.
In their sessions or workshops, each humanology professional offers their clients the tools that they may need to tackle the situations posed by life. That is the reason why humanological sessions are unique and taylor-made to the person’s needs and characteristics.

Humanology, a unique discipline

Highly efficient methods, tools and materials

Humanology combines the knowledge accumulated by many other disciplines throughout the years with its own in order to study and explain human beings in depth. 

Some of the tools and materials that are unique to humanology are:

  • Optimism Coaching: a complete hands-on method to help human beings recover their drive, their motivation and their energy. 
  • Personal essence: The only immutable element in human beings. It defines us from our brith and affects everything that we are or become. Each human being has their own personal essence. Discovering and understanding it helps us understand ourselves at a level of depth never reached before. 
  • Absolute forgiveness: a practical method to forgive that goes beyond intellectual and emotional forgiveness to really help us leave our past, our rage, our sadness and our guilt behind. 
  • Social masks: used by all cultures, humanology is the only discipline that actually teaches us how to use them in a conscious way, thus enabling us the power to handle our relationships and social interactions better.
  • Time boxes: a unique and extremely powerful tool to handle all kinds of emotions. 
Discover each of them and deepen your understanding of yourself.

Impact and fields of application

Human beings are at the root of everything else

Given its nature, this discipline offers us a lot of knowledge, strategies and tools that can be used in every aspect of our personal and professional life. Its adaptability turns it into the perfect process for any development, growth or change. 

Humanology should be included at the root of all other disciplines because, without its understanding, all of them are baseless. In order to truly develop any field, we need to know how it is affected by human beings. That explains why humanology should be included at the basis of all other fields as a compulsory subject matter in all educational systems. Only once we truly understand human beings will we be able to make real progress in other fields of science and knowledge. 

Humanology has an impact upon all knowledge on human beings. The fact of knowing, for example, that we all have a personal essence that affects us throughout life is giving people a much deeper understanding of who they are and of their relationships with others. Another example is optimism coaching, a methodology that is reaching incredible results when working with people who have lost their hope or energy or don’t know how to handle their reality. With this method, their lives change because they learn how to take control over their reality.  toman el timón ellas mismas.

The impact of this discipline has only just began. We are already seeing many positive consequences. The greater the growth, the greater development will we find among human beings from this solid bulk of knowledge.