What we offer

One-on-one/group sessions

Become a better human being

  • One-on-one, group, live or online sessions to work with our professionals so you can reach whatever goal you dream.
  • Personalized general session packages or packages on specific topics, depending on your needs.  
  • Sessions created together with you, because nobody knows you better than yourself.
  • You leave every session with a practical step-by-step action plan. 

Choose the type of session that you need:

  • One-on-one sessions, in person or online:
    • Specific topics:
      • discover your personal essence
      • absolute forgiveness
      • handle your stress and your anxiety
      • recover your optimism
    • Packages to handle specific life situations:
      • I take control: 5 sessions to work on a specific situation
      • My roadmap: 10 sessions to redirect your life
  • Group sessions to tackle life situations
    • Family humanology
    • Humanology for couples
    • Working groups on:
      • loneliness
      • emotions
      • mourning
      • personal development
      • relationships

Workshops and events

Actively take control

  • Practical workshops
  • Talks and interactive conferences
  • Masterclasses
  • Congresses and summits

Request yours

Have a humanologist at your event

Include a humanologist or optimism coach in your event;  ask us for a masterclass, a talk or a group workshop to make your event more human. Ask us to prepare a unique and deeply meaningful event for you. 

Humanology is at the roots of every human activity. Include it in your event to give it that. unique, human touch that will turn it into something memorable for your participants.

Discover the events that we are planning to hold this month. You will surely find some that you love. (Make sure to share it with your loved ones.) 


More than books and materials

Our store offers you knowledge, understanding and many different tools that will help you take control over yourself and your reality. 

The Optimist in You

A detailed handbook that guides you step by step so you can recover your own optimism and understand and maintain your natural motivation. 

What Story do You Tell Yourself?

A small but powerful book on how to take control over your life. What took you here? Would you like to change it? You have the power. Learn how to do it.

Coaching for You

Discover a full array of proven and powerful coaching tools and techniques to help you deal with your reality and change whatever you don’t want in it. 

In Welchem Film Führst Du Regie?

Now also in German!


Kariboo is scared. What if she is left alone again? If she has no family anymore?

Illustrated book for children on the fear of abandonment. Based on a real story. 

Understanding Human Beings

We have a gift for you!

Today we want to give you a little, powerful present; a unique book on humanology that explains the basis for this discipline and the four elements of human beings.