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International Institute of Humanology

Training, content and practical applications

The International Institute of Humanology is the institution that develops and disseminates the discipline of humanology in the world.  With twin seats in Panama and Spain, it trains humanologists and publishes materials on humanology.  

Humanology is a registered Trademark.

The professional diplomas and certifications offered by the International Institute of Humanology are officially accredited by different organizations  such as the GCF (Global Coaching Federation,) the ACPPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) in the United Kingdom or the AENEH (European Academy of Neurosciences, Economy and Humanities.)

The Institute also received the international pedagogical and entrepreneurial quality certification granted by EXIBED.

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Collaboration with other institutions

The International Institute of Humanology signed different collaboration agreements with important institutions around the world to disseminate this discipline.

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Our founder

Jessica J. Lockhart is the creator of this new discipline. Linguist by training,  she had several accidents that resulted in a physical disability and led her to focus her attention on human beings. 

With an honorary doctorate in humanistic sciences by the World Humanistic University of the United States and Ecuador, ontological coach, and psychotherapist by the University of Nebrija, expert in happiness by the University of Berkeley, Lockhart also studied different and varied strategies and techniques such as NLP, Ho’oponopono, EMDR or empathy among others. This knowledge allowed her to connect the dots in a unique and deeply practical way. As a result, she  made several discoveries like Personal Essence and created specific methodologies and tools to help human beings, such as Optimism Coaching, Absolute Forgiveness, Time Boxes o Social Masks.  Furthermore, she is the author of different books on humanology that were translated into different languages and has received multiple awards and recognitions worldwide.

Our team

The International Institute of Humanology trains professional all around the world from its two seats in Panama and Switzerland and has collaborators in many different countries. All our professionals are fully  qualified and accredited in different humanology courses by our Institute. Request a professional in your region.

Our team also counts on the incredible support from several students who offer probono humanology sessions as part of their practical training, always under supervision by our professionals and teachers.

Our amazing team is led by Jessica J. Lockhart, creator of the discipline and several of its methods and tools, discoverer of Personal Essence and author of several books.